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InkJunkeyz is a one-of-a-kind brand that combines the ever-growing tattoo industry with the retail industry to provide a high-end fashion brand. On top of this clothing brand, we offer a power-packed tattoo magazine filled with current user content. The tattoo industry alone is an extremely lucrative industry worth an estimated 2.3 billion dollars annually. A study done by Pew Research Center showed that 36% of Americans ages 18-25 have a tattoo, as well as 40% of people ages 26-40. This, combined with the fact that according to Forbes Americans spent an average of $1,700 / person in 2015 on clothing, gives the perfect mixture for success. We have combined these industries to create a unique market of InkJunkeyz (people with tattoos) that are ready and willing to support those that support them!


As a sponsor, you / your company (someone that doesn’t necessarily market directly to the tattoo industry) will be able to gain full access to a new market without needing any prior knowledge of the industry that you’re stepping into. Our current reach is 3 MILLION - 4 MILLION people PER WEEK online between the “big three” platforms: Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, and not including our brand ambassadors.


Packages range from one social media post to more detailed packages. This could include multiple social media posts per day, product placement in website fulfilment orders, magazine ads, event banners, and other placement in/on various outlets we have, including our network of celebrities!





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