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InkJunkeyz Model Interview: Oxana Volkova

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Name: Oxana Volkova

Age: 26

Location: Houston, TX

1. What made you want to join the modeling industry?

Modeling gives me an opportunity to be somebody else every single time. Today i`m gonna still your heart girl, tomorrow i`m a mermaid and on Saturday I travel to the 18th century. The power of camera and Photoshop blows me away every time.

2. How old were you when you got your first tattoo? What was it?

I was 18 and it was a Japanese character meaning “luck”.

3. Do people treat you differently because of your tattoos?

Unfortunately, they do. I get asked quite often “Why” and I respond “Why not?” People always trying to see some meaning in my tattoos but there is none. Even my mom hates it. She always makes a comment that I used to be a normal pretty girl with nice body and now I have THOSE things on me. You have to be you no matter what they say.

4. Who is/are your favorite tattoo artist(s)?

One of my favorite tattoo artists is London Reese. He did my whole sleeve. I'm a fan of Polina Gajewskya and tattooist_doy. I follow a lot of artist all over the world and wish to get tattooed by them in each country.

5. Where do you get your tattoo ideas from?

Mostly all my ideas come from my head and are spontaneous but I do think about it for a while before I get it. It is something that represents my dark passenger.

6. What are some of your favorite things to do? Why?

I like to go to the concerts. When you blend in with the crowd and all of you sing that song really f#$kin loud and scream from the top of your lungs that is what gets me every time. It helps me to get rid of the stress the have been building up for some time.

7. Do you have a favorite location you’ve always wanted to do a photo shoot at? Care to tell?!

I always wanted to do a shoot in an abandoned building.

8. If you could shoot with any photographer in the world who would it be? Why?

Hugo V. I really like his style.

9. Have any secret beauty products you’d like to share to all the other ladies out there?

If you don`t have to wear make up today try not to. You skin will tell you thanks on the long run.

10. Do you have any future modeling goals or plans?

I dream big. My goal for now is to become a sullen angel and get published on the cover of the inked mag. Go hard or don`t go!

Photographers: ig: Kristina Rebecca Photography / @kristoggraphy and H&M - Sammi Correa / @sammi.siren

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